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Love's Tightwire Act (Circus of Love Romances, Book 1)

She can fly through the air with the greatest of ease, Beth Witt, is the newest aerial silks performer with travelling show, Circus of Height. She performs in a trio act alongside the Krylova sisters, who treat Beth with icy contempt. Meanwhile, the Circus has brought Beth to her hometown, the first time she’s been back in many years, and her estranged brother shows up looking for answers. She hasn’t seen or spoken to her family since she dropped out of law school to train full-time as an aerialist.

The situation within the Circus grows strained when the show’s Director, Archie Gorlick, orders Beth to take over for one of the ailing Krylova sisters in a second act. Learning the choreography for a new number is tricky, but it’s nothing compared to learning how to juggle a relationship with fellow cast member, the handsome hand-balancer McAllister, while the entire Circus looks on. McAllister, known as a flirt, may have a history with another cast member, and rumours suggest it may not be over yet.

Can Beth trust that the relationship is finished? Does she even want the headache of dating within the small circus community?

This is a trilogy, and is followed up with Love's Sister Act, and Love's Final Act!


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