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Little Scotty Scaredy Cat

Carolyn Watson-Dubisch

Little Scotty is afraid of everything. He's afraid of the dark, and loud noises, but most of all he's afraid of Bargain Bunny. The loud bunny character with a bull horn that's on TV and shouting at the mall. How will little Scotty learn to conquer his fears?

From the Author

I first decided to write this book when I saw a call to children's book authors from librarians requesting a book about children who are frightened of mascot characters like Mickey Mouse.  Anxious children can find these costumed characters very disturbing, particularly when they can't see their eyes, and I thought I'd attempt in my story to explain them, and to help them understand it's just someone play acting like kids do when they dress up. The feedback on this book has already been wonderful.  If you have an anxious child this just might be the book for you and your little one!


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