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Life and Deaf

By Dave Blackwell.

Life and Deaf book by Dave Blackwell

April 2015, Ryan takes a month out of work to travel to the states, a journey of self-discovery, mental health struggles and issues related to his profound deafness and how he deals with the reactions from strangers.

From the moment he arrives at Heathrow Airport, the situations he finds himself in, are based on true stories with a comedy and blunt outcome as he refuses to let anything get to him.

Starting in San Francisco, he makes his way to Whitefish in Montana, stopping at national parks in Yosemite, Death Valley, Zion, the Grand Canyon and Glacier to clear his mind and heal himself, his goal is to spend as much time alone as possible only to meet various people down the line that would open his mind.

He finds himself thinking more about where he is in life and where he wants to be, flashbacks and memories plague his mind as fights to decide on what actions to take when his trip ends in Las Vegas, and if he will return home.


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