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Leaping Beauty

By Rebecca Fox.

book cover
Leaping Beauty

In a kingdom that has lost its way, at a time when there are few bright things left to stop the carriage for, a young woman jumps out of a window and blazes an unexpected trail. Breaking out of the palace she’s been shackled to by a dark curse, the last remaining heir to the throne, Red Felian, has days to remove a voodoo anklet that has begun to leech away her life. Determined not to die before tasting mead, seeing the sights of the land she is due to inherit, and discovering what happened to her missing parents, this princess isn’t about to let anything get in her way – not even an army of guards, a sadistic son of a lawyer, a floating wood of amorous tree toads or or her growing curiosity for Robbie, a knavish Man of the Road. But at death’s door, there’s only so much a girl can do alone …


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