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Leading Corporate Clans

by Dawn Jarvis and Munu Wuthuga Dardakiin.

"A valuable resource for anyone working with teams." Nicola Roberts

Leading Corporate Clans uses the STELLAR MODEL® and the stories of the oldest people in the world, the first people of Australia, to describe what high performance in teams feels like.

The Gold Coast of Queensland and Northern New South Wales Australia has always been the land of the Yugambeh speaking people, the first people of Australia dating back tens of thousands of years, defined by their complex network of tribes and clans. For organisational development practitioner, Dawn Jarvis, it has proved the perfect inspiration for her leadership and team coaching model, entitled the STELLAR MODEL®.

Now in collaboration with indigenous artist, Munu Wuthuga Dardakiin, from the Dubbi Warra people in Cape York Queensland, their uniquely illustrated book uses stories of the oldest people in the world to inspire high performance in leadership and team coaching.


Developed over many years and having been through rigorous phases of testing and development, the STELLAR MODEL® is a series of 8 elements that cover what Dawn and her team want to see in leaders to enable them to be better as leaders of themselves, of people, of teams and of organisations.


Munu created an amazing artwork representing the STELLAR MODEL® and indigenous symbols for the 8 elements. These symbols adorn the cover of the new book and Munu also contributed the story of ‘The Spirit of STELLAR’, who appears to the Elders of a tribe to support them to lead their clans well. Dawn then relates this ancient wisdom to the challenges of leading in the corporate world today.

Through this fascinating and unique perspective, the elements of leadership are given life and a deeper meaning by Munu, who says, “I love doing what I do with my culture and sharing knowledge with others. I hope this book and my collaboration with Dawn provides some strong roots for those leaders and leadership teams who head up organisations that provide services to my people and want to be better and do better as leaders for the communities they supply and the cultures they serve.”


Dawn spends her time building high performing leadership teams in the public sector in the UK and Australia through her company People & OD Partners and is much in demand as a public speaker.

“I am honoured to have worked with Munu on this book, our partnership has given me a new perspective on leadership, allowed me to learn about ancient wisdom in this area and be able to relate that to the challenges leaders face today.  I hope readers enjoy the book and take away some quick and easy tips to support their leadership goals.”


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