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Laïcité: Stories and Sketches of Secular France

by Elaine Kennedy-Dubourdieu.

Laïcité: Stories and Sketches of Secular France, by Elaine Kennedy-Dubourdieu

On the other side of La Manche / The 'English' Channel, lies France. So near, yet so far... and always so very foreign.

After centuries of religious conflict, France now leans on Laïcité, a multi-facetted, emotionally charged concept, difficult to translate, but which implies the complete separation of the church / religion and its secular state.

For some, Laïcité is the new religion and guiding force, and it certainly holds one of the keys to understanding France today.

A French friend went on holiday to Malta and came back fuming: "It's scandalous!" he said, "there are crosses and religious symbols hanging in all of their town halls. How can this be tolerated?"

Coming at Laïcité from a tangent, this book hopes to entertain and enlighten, by considering some of the unexplored highways and byways of this surprising, secular state.


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