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Junction: Still Ticking

By L. A. Evans.

Sea Change by Nick Bamford, a new gay romance novel

Follow Zoe on her path towards redemption in this sequel to Junction: Time’s Ticking.

Find out what makes this self-obsessed, controlling, deceitful woman tick. Why is she so set on destroying Aisha Brown’s new life and so determined to reclaim it as her own?

There are always two sides to every story. What horrors did Zoe encounter on her journey and what nightmares await? Was death her destiny all along or did fate have something far more sinister planned?

A dark insight into her life before and after her world collided with Aisha’s. Many mysteries from Junction: Time’s Ticking will be revealed. Including who or what Aisha saw in the graveyard on that sunny, celebratory summer’s day.

This second thriller in The Junction Trilogy will take you on a chaotic ride. Buckle in and brace yourself for a disturbing insight into the chilling life of Zoe Young.


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