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Japan's Music: Poetry of a Journey

by Paul Charlton.

Collection of poetry in English and Japanese by Paul Charlton

"Because it has lived life to its fullest, the dried

pampas grass still looks so beautiful"

Mitsuo Aida

This collection of poems, their stories and pictures, is an account of my travel through Japan's central island, Honshu, with a backpack and at age 70.

It is our good fortune that a few times in our lives wonderful experiences do happen. For me, the time I spent travelling in Japan was one of those rare, wonderful experiences. Staying in beautiful homes and having every moment of every day filled with kindness and happiness was a beautiful gift to my memory.

I travelled to Japan with the unknowingness of an older stranger and returned with a shawl made of beauty which will remain wrapped around me forever.

Some of the poems are accompanied by their translation into Japanese by Aoi Matsushima. These translations are as a thank you to the individuals who made these poems happen.


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