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Jack, the Hooligan Cat

Ginny Stone

Jee-ack disobediently stashes the Oglets in a secret location, to avoid them being enslaved in odious Princess Olga of Og’s handbag factory. In a fit of lucky rage, Triple O manages to banish him.

Arriving in a violent thunderstorm, it takes him a while to realise he’s no longer on Planet Og, nor is he a fierce warlock.

A long, brown creature having her toenails done in the doggy parlour, relishes enlightening the confused warlock that he’s now a straggly kitten on Planet Earth. Jee-ack’s further horrified to find himself adopted by the self-same family where the sarcastic sausage dog, Gemma, lives.

Enter Mr Edge, a wise old grey cat, who takes it upon himself to teach the cocky young kitten some manners. Gemma, on the other hand, has made it her mission in life to make the intruder’s life as miserable as possible.

Jack, as he is now known on Earth, spends large portions of his time trying to find ways to return to Planet Og and rescue his Oglets. There’s only one person who can help him, but will she be able to find the Oglets in time?

Jack, the Hooligan Cat, is a phantasmagorical tale, involving the hilarious antics of a real rescue kitten, and his family, on Earth.


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