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Inbetween: Your Warrior Guide

by Julie McGuire and Kate George.

The Inbetween book is a treasure chest of ideas to build your sense of self-worth and of optimism for our beautiful world. You will be guided by our warrior sisters’ who will empower and inspire you, through their stories. Magical artwork and poetry will transport you to their warrior worlds.

The Inbetween book is the collaborative work of; designer, illustrator and aerial dancer Kate George and yoga teacher, hair & makeup artist Julie McGuire.

The idea was born through their experience of helping each other through darker times. To channel their own emotions, Kate and Julie created 12 female archetypes The Warrior Sisters.

You can make friends with each warrior sister, share her wisdom and feel empowered.

The ‘Inbetween’, is a special place. To explore, connect to, and appreciate yourself. We hope this book will help you, and that you will want to share it, with other warrior women you know.


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