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I AM. YOU ARE. The only instruction manual you’ll ever need for pursuing the life of your dreams

By Stephen Fofanoff.

There are many religions, philosophies, self help books, movements, and teachers all offering glimpses of the truth. All of them can "get you there", but what if there was an easier, more direct route to achieve a sense of peace and calm in your life?

Living the life of your dreams doesn't have to be complicated or confusing. You are literally built for it! When you stop living outside yourself and defining yourself by what you experience with your senses and instead turn within, you can live effortlessly, freely and fully.

You can't do this by trying to understand your way there, or by trying to "effort" your way there. Instead, learn to live in harmony with who already are. This book can help you get there.

Author Stephen Fofanoff has helped thousands of people move beyond all of the hype and struggle to discover their inherent spark of divinity--this book is the culmination of decades of working with clients to discover the simplest, quickest way to move beyond self-help to self-actualization.


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