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Her King the Con: How an Online Love Affair Led to Near Disaster

How could a smart, professional, savvy woman in her 50's become brainwashed by a young cyber criminal on the other side of the planet, who persuades her to send him her life savings?

This shocking, true story will have you on the edge of your seat as you learn the story of Linda Young's online love affair that nearly destroyed her life and the relationships she held dear.

When Linda's sister Shelley recruited "the squad" they launched a full-fledged investigation intent on unmasking the con artist Linda referred to as her 'King.' As Shelley delved into the world of online romance scams, it was nearly impossible to find advice or expertise that she could use to break the hold the King had on her sister.

After a three-month investigation, hiring two private investigators, hacking into email accounts, visiting the FBI, and speaking with psychological experts, what Shelley and the Squad uncovered can now help your loved ones who may be in denial that their online romance could be putting them at grave risk. Linda has since described her ordeal as "the worst thing that ever happened to me." She hopes to help others who've been targeted by scammers to know that strength, forgiveness, and hope exist in the aftermath. Shelley Frost and Linda Young are sisters, whose already rocky relationship was put to the test during the months that the King had his grips on Linda and her bank account.

The nightmare they experienced through opposite viewpoints ended up strengthening their sisterhood and their love for each other. But it was a final piece of irrefutable evidence uncovered by the squad that finally lifted Linda from the fog of manipulation, causing a body blow to the King who was hell-bent on keeping his gold-mine Queen.


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