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Her Father's Eyes

A debut novel by Belinda Rose Bond – love, friendship and heartache permeate every page.

William will draw you into his tangled web of lies and deceit with his charm. But don’t be fooled. Behind those dark, mysterious eyes lies a selfish man, a womaniser living a double life, a secret life.

William D’Souza was born into a poor family and, having nothing but his ambition to drag himself out of poverty, learnt the art of manipulation from an early age.

In Rangoon, Burma, the jewel of Asia, the British Raj and their money aided the ongoing expansion of the port of Rangoon, allowing traders to come from all over Asia. William saw this as an exciting opportunity; could this be his chance to escape poverty?

About the Author

For many years, Belinda wanted to tell her story.

Using stories told to her by her mother and grandmother of their lives in Rangoon, Burma, Her Father’s Eyes became her debut novel.

She traced several paths that her family may have walked along many years previous during her research. It made it a unique experience, and as she followed their journey, she felt their guiding hand.

Belinda’s descriptive writing paints a picture of this extraordinary place, its smells, its chaos, but above all, its beauty. The book is a mixing bowl of memories, imagination and life.

Belinda lives in Suffolk with her husband, her very own Mr Bond, children and grandchildren.

She has now become a full-time writer and has also discovered a talent for writing poetry.

Her Father’s Eyes is just the beginning for her, and she is excited for the next chapter of her writer's life.


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