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David Norman

Leaving a parting gift of a myriad potentially habitable planets, our galaxy's first deep intelligence departs towards a mysterious and distant destination. Five billion years on, its evolutionary offspring are pitched in a pan-galactic fight for survival against a Dark Force seemingly bent upon their destruction. Are the Milky Way's sentient Hadronic Life Entities valiant masters of their own ultimate destiny? Or are they all mere pawns in a ten billion year plan? "HALIEN Aeon" launches their story at the birth of our Solar System and carries it through from the end of Earth's last (ever) Ice Age to the dawn of human civilisation.

Set before the coming climax of a half-billion year battle with a Black Beast lurking beyond the galactic bounds, it forges an ancient, angelic alliance between modern Mankind and the mighty 'Cosmic Cubes' .. in the Age of Aeons.

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