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For the Love of Many

Before Joan Crawford exploded onscreen, she was Billie, the new girl in a Broadway chorus. Dreaming of stardom, she'll do anything—or anyone—to get there. What she lacks in grace and schooling, she makes up for in fierce, unrelenting grit. But meeting fellow dancer Nadine shakes the ground beneath her.

It's New York City, 1924. The modern American woman is here, and there's this feeling in the air like anything can happen. If Billie can keep her secrets in the dark where they belong, maybe Nadine could love her forever. Maybe they'll ascend the heights together like her aching heart screams.

But Nadine has secrets, too. Figuring out the days with a flask of gin and a schedule of pills, she doesn't need anything or anyone. The times are changing, but not fast enough, and there are too many damned men to please. Billie was supposed to be just another good time or two. Now she wants to stick around?

Woven with real people from America's roaring past, "For the Love of Many" shows a different side of history, in a raucous decade that burned from both ends, full of untold tales that bind us across time.


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