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By C.M. Brown.

Floored, by Chrissie Harrison

All of human history paled in the face of The Emergence. Imaginary creatures from dreams and nightmares poured into every aspect of life. Cities fell, religions collapsed, humans fled, and the world changed.

And that was the easy part. Figments came to children, bonding themselves to the young and impressing upon them mystical powers that earned many the title of “demon”. Disowned from humanity, the children had nothing else to cling to but their no-longer-imaginary friends, and many earned that title in time.

But not all.

Trick, Eddy, and Dylan will be propelled into this world to seek the answers to the questions asked by so many. Where did the Figments come from? Why do they give magic powers to kids? Will things ever go back to the way they used to be? They will venture across a world filled with creatures of legend, who need them to be a solution to a problem they’ve had for innumerable ages past.

A solution that may become greater than the answers to all of their questions.


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