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Fabulous Female Musicians

By Sammy Stein.

Fabulous Female Musicians by Sammy Stein

*Winner of the Literary Titan Gold Award*

Few writers are better placed than award-winning author Sammy Stein to speak directly to musicians. Sammy's work has won praise across the globe. From Readers' Digest and The Library of Congress to magazines and books, Sammy has been sharing musicians' stories for many years.

In Fabulous Female Musicians, Sammy celebrates 21 remarkable female musicians who have made an indelible mark on the music industry. From India to Azerbaijan, the UK and the US, each woman's story is unique. These trailblazing women have broken barriers and inspired countless others.

*A remarkable book that shifts the spotlight & celebrates exceptional talents & inspiring stories.*

The interviews are heartfelt and cover many subjects. They offer a glimpse into the emotions professional musicians feel for their art, their successes, and advice for those aspiring to become professional musicians. Sammy shares the triumphs, challenges, and inspiring journeys of these amazing women. From abuse to bullies and how to deal with them, from making money to encouraging those who follow, from the lows to the successes of professional life, the musicians in this book share their passion for music. Their stories will captivate your heart, inspire and leave you in awe. Sammy proves once again she is at the heart of music and this book serves to bring these fabulous female musicians deservedly into the spotlight.

This is a beautifully written and well researched book exploring the contribution of some fascinating female musicians. Although many of the artists featured are known to me - there are some fantastic additional discoveries to be made and importantly the book inspires to dig deeper seeking out the recordings of these fabulous musicians.

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