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Eye of the Turtle (Lucy Morgan Adventure Series Book 1)

Written by Gloria Barnett.

book cover
Eye of the Turtle

Help your child understand they can make a difference to the world

When a young girl promises to protect sea creatures, she knows it might not be easy but is she prepared for the dangerous challenges ahead?

Can this team of children help to protect the animals which live in the ocean?

Lucy has lived on the twelfth floor of a tower block, in a poor area of London for all of her eleven years but when her Mum accepts a new job in the Caribbean, she must face the unknown.

Lucy can’t even swim when she moves to Pontus Island, but with help from her new friends Jack and Solomon, she overcomes her fears. Learning to dive takes Lucy deeper into the ocean, but she soon realises the ocean is an alien world … where humans are not meant to be. This is not like visiting a zoo! These creatures are not in cages. These animals are in their wild natural habitat and any creature can come up behind you without you seeing it.

Although some of these creatures are scary and dangerous, Lucy falls in love with the beauty of the ocean and feels close to its amazing animals. As she begins to understand their world, she becomes inspired to look after the amazing sea life. Finding a turtle who needs help begins the incredible adventures of Lucy, Jack and Solomon. Lucy understands the need to help protect the natural world and she is a girl who doesn’t give up on what she believes in.

Working as a team, the children face thrilling challenges and real dangers if they are to protect the sea creatures.

Readers will love Eye of the Turtle, written by real-life ocean explorer and educator, Gloria Barnett. Many young people in the UK know her affectionately as The Weirdfish Lady due to her fascinating school workshops, talks, and published teaching resources. Reading this book allows your child to watch television documents with a deeper understanding of the natural world and with its cliff-hanging chapters, this book is perfect for fans of exciting adventures, such as The Explorer by Katherine Rundell.

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