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Dynamic Alignment: The Power of Finding Your Purpose, Achieving Your Goals, and Living a Passion-Driven Life

By Brad Borkan & Holly Worton.

When Your Life Depends On It, decision-making lessons from the Antarctic, by Brad Borkan and David Hirzel

Why is it that some people wake up energized, raring to go, enthralled with all the challenges ahead? They encounter obstacles and enjoy overcoming them. And how do you bring this into your own life?

Holly Worton and Brad Borkan approached these questions from two different vantage points. They both came to the same surprising, and quite simple, conclusion: Dynamic Alignment.

By defining your own set of Dynamically Aligned multi-passionate goals, you can carve out your niche of personal value—a value that only you can deliver. This can transform your life, refine how you earn your living and even change your outlook on where you fit in the world.

This book provides an 8-step process showing you how to achieve Dynamic Alignment.

Get started today learning about the surprising power of Dynamically Aligned multi-passionate goals, and begin living your best life.

This book is for you if you’re:

  • Graduating high school or university and you’re not sure what’s next

  • In the middle of a quarter-life crisis or midlife crisis

  • Fed up with your job and need a major life change

  • On maternity leave and you’re looking for something new

  • Tired of your job (or life!) and want to make big changes

  • Navigating a breakup and want to create a new life that you love


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