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Dustin's Endless Love

Mzsassy theAuthor

Dustin Shaw has loved one woman and he lost her twelve years ago... or so he thought. There’s nothing like walking into a baby shower for one of your closest friends and seeing the wife you thought was dead, staring right back at you. Dustin is patient but determined to have Nadia in his life. It is a constant war with his mind and heart to separate the woman he fell in love with, and woman she is now.

Nadia Bolton woke up twelve years ago in a medical center with no memory and all alone. She’s tried her best to deal with the cards life has thrown her. Until her entire world is interrupted when a sexy, gray-eyed man, objects at her wedding, claiming she’s his wife. Nadia initially struggles accepting the woman she used to be, but developing feelings for Dustin, motivates her to try.

Can Dustin love Nadia for the woman she is now? Can Nadia trust her growing attraction for Dustin? Will the two of them discover a love that is truly endless?

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