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Demonheart: Raging Elementals

J.J. Egosi

In dark medieval times, a young man serves under the family of the wealthiest jewellery estate in all the land. He believed he’d be nothing more than an instrument of ridicule for all those that crossed his path. Until a violent tragedy exiles him from the only home he knew. Now, he must explore the world on his own in search of a new purpose. Where he meets an assassin in search of the world’s rarest creature: Elementals. Soon, he encounters a witch from another place; existing from a time long ago. Who tells him of a secret to his past he had to experience to truly believe.

Now, he must search all corners of the world for something he never knew he had. During a life he never knew he lived. Before the demon king puts an end to all things he finally came to fight for.


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