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Death in the Darke

Dave Gray

Something is stalking the streets of Darke Prospect…

Detective Pete Wesser is used to the murders, the violence, the despair, but this is something else. The ripped out throats left by the blood-drinking fiend have the populace living in terror. Unrest is growing. Rumours of a supernatural threat are spreading.

Charles Darke, the owner of the city, does not like unrest. But the creature stalking Darke Prospect is more terrifying than Darke. More terrifying than his brutal enforcer, Roman Drake. More terrifying than the thugs and criminals who have found a new rival in the battle for respect and territory.

But is this creature merely interested in murder, or is there something more? Does it threaten the very existence of Darke Prospect and its citizens?

And who can stop it…?


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