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Darke Memories

Dave Gray

Ciaran O’Mahoney has a gift. Or perhaps a curse.

In the city of Darke Prospect, his existence is as miserable as that of the bulk of the population. The polluted, industrialised streets are a hive of violence and poverty, cruelly inflicted on the populace by the ruthless Darke Conglomerate.

Its head, Charles Darke, is not used to being a victim of the misery that he sows. But now, his favoured enforcer has been murdered, and O’Mahoney has been given the unenviable task of uncovering the culprit.

O’Mahoney’s investigations lead him to the home of Harold Tanner, a low-level thug and degenerate. As he questions his suspect, O’Mahoney is faced with the reality of Darke Prospect at its grimmest, and forced to question his own, pathetic existence.

Ultimately, he may have to decide whether his life, as miserable as it is, is worth fighting for…


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