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Cyber Mage

Veiss is the heir to a cult hacker group despite not being a believer himself. He eagerly awaits the day he can take his rightful place on the throne. (Perhaps too eagerly to wait.)

What seemed like another simple undercover assignment to root out dirty cops, takes Grieselda into the darkest pits of Gau City's corruption.

Ray Dawn leads his cybercrime unit on a relentless chase against a notorious hacker but his motives for catching the outlaw aren't as pure as he would have his colleagues believe.

The Collective are a simple entity. They want freedom. They want vengeance. And they'll risk any amount of their members for just one of them to attain their goals because they are many in one and one in many.

Follow our "heroes" as their lives intertwine and they clash as each pursues their own goals. But most of all, observe how each perceives the dystopian world within their own biases


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