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Cutting Ties

By Annie Jo Hawner.

Humebeasts: Lizard Ambition


You only get one chance to make it, right? That's what I thought too, until my best friend gave me the chance of a lifetime: move across the world to London and work as a singer in the bar her family owns. It was a dream come true, until it wasn't.

The criminal world surrounding me is also the world that he—the man consuming my every thought—belongs to.

When the opportunity I came here for lands at my feet, will the connection to him cost me everything?


He told me to get myself sorted and get my life back on track. And for four years, I lived exactly how I wanted to: busy and alone. I answered to no one and controlled everything.

But the second we met, I realised all too quickly that some people can't be controlled. She immediately captivated me and threw my entire life off course.

I want her; I need her; but can I live with being the reason she loses the chance she came here for?


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