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Cry Wolf

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Mack Macklin thinks he can’t go any lower. Getting a beatdown from a giant wearing bright yellow yoga pants proves he can.

When his buddy from better days offers him a job, he jumps at the chance. A couple of days out of town and cash to keep his bookie’s enforcer off his back, all in return for a puff piece on an old lady who thinks she saw a werewolf. What could go wrong?

Turns out, a lot.

Mack is a skeptic’s skeptic, trained to look at everything through the critical eye of a veteran reporter, but even he can’t explain the pack of hairy man-beasts that attack him. They leave him near death, which is a damn sight better than local residents seem to be faring.  Can he find the silver bullet of truth, or is it time to Cry Wolf?

The Mack Macklin Mysteries follow a disgraced, and morally degenerate, reporter as he dodges debts, investigates the unbelievable, and rips the masks off the bad guys. Get on the Mack bus today to meet the new face of pulp fiction.


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