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When Ellyria's father passed away, her life started to look bleak. Their family grimoire was missing, nowhere to be found. To make matters worse, her mother fell into a drug habit, leaving the teenager to take care of the household finances. Desperate for any help she could get, she researches a spell on the internet, casting it hastily under imperfect conditions only to find herself accidentally bound to a demon, Zangrunath. Now stuck with a demon that thinks his latest assignment is below his stature, she must navigate the last few months of high school, budding relationships, and college applications all while Zangrunath harbors a dark secret.

Ellyria's overt spellcasting has started to draw attention from some unsavory enemies, and intruders lurk in the shadows each night while she rests. Now, they must find a scapegoat in order to keep her safe from the mysterious strangers before she meets the same tragic fate as her father before her.


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