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Who We Meet Along the Way

Who We Meet Along the Way is a disarmingly charming ride through a kaleidoscope of heartfelt tales and hard-won wisdom. The journey takes the reader from the rugged hills of Eastern Kentucky to the jagged peaks of the Colorado Rockies. As we go, author Brandon Tosti introduces us to lessons learned, hardships overcome, and the gentle understanding that family is waiting to be found wherever you go, if only you’re open to finding it.

More than a decade ago, author Brandon Tosti began sharing short stories about his daily life on his social media. His initial goal was to spread positivity, but over time he found himself with a collection of uplifting pieces spanning his midlife. Among his posts were the details of the founding and fulfilment of a New Orleans-based non-profit aimed at replenishing school sports equipment post-Katrina; his young wife’s battle with breast cancer; the love and support of friends and family as he juggled the efforts of caring for her, taking the lead parenting role for two toddlers, and full-time work; and funny, touching anecdotes from years of coaching youth sports. It added up to the story of a life well-lived at its midpoint. Tosti’s humble, to-the-point style is instantly relatable, and readers will see themselves in his experiences and relationships.


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