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She has a job to do, and she can’t let anything get in her way—not even love…

DEA special agent Brittany Townsend’s assignment is simple. She’s to go undercover at the trendy San Francisco restaurant that’s a suspected cover for a drug smuggling ring, and get the evidence she needs to shut them down. Too bad there’s nothing simple about her feelings for the restaurant’s loyal, charming, and distractingly sexy head chef…

Quincy McKnight made a deal with the devil to save his brother’s life. Now, his restaurant is a front for illegal activity he could never condone, but must tolerate. His life is way too messy to even consider romantic entanglements. But…there’s something about his lovely, whip-smart, new employee that’s making him rethink everything…

Brittany and Quincy are in danger of losing a lot more than their hearts as this mission plays out. Can their potential romance stand the heat in Quincy’s kitchen? Or will their one shot at happily ever after go up in flames?

Cooked is a spicy, steamy, lightly angsty, romantic suspense standalone with a guaranteed HEA. Download today and get ready to fall for Brittany and Quincy.

About the Author

Chanel L Faye started falling for book boyfriends in her early teens, and now hopes to write book boyfriends that her readers will fall for and HEA and HFN endings.

When she's not writing, Chanel works at her day job, likes to curl up with a good book after work and travel the world. She loves to include her travels in her stories.


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