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Colours of a Cultural Chameleon

Where are you from?

Life gets interesting when one has no simple answer

This book tells the story of Kamala’s quest for answers. Growing up in Belgium, India and the Netherlands, she is a third culture kid (TCK); a cultural chameleon. Kamala seeks to unravel the meaning of citizenship and the ability to belong to a community. She gains a deeper understanding of herself, while travelling to the South American continent and further beyond through the splendours and perils of the Silk Road. Exploring her boundaries, she soaks up new cultures, discovering what joins us as humans. During this process she also deciphers what the future has in store for her and her family.

Kamala’s mantra becomes: trust a stranger and new doors open.

Coming of age and seeing the world through personal interactions and intercultural mingling, this is the essence of Colours of a Cultural Chameleon.


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