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Captain Random and the Stratos Conundrum

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Captain Random and the Stratos Conundrum

From the darkest depths of space comes an enemy of the universe that plans to wreck havoc across the stars.

In his blood thirsty quest for revenge he will crush entire star systems and his name will make all who hear it shudder in terror.

Whilst the biggest threat the cosmos has ever known forms his master plan the only person who can possibly stop him is lying in a coma on a hospital moon that orbits a planet that is in his line of fire.

Random, Anji, Jake and Skateboard face a race against time to save the lives of all who stand in his way whilst trying to unwrap the mystery of who he is and why, in particular, he wants Random to watch the universe suffer.

His name is Stratos...and he is the destroyer of worlds...

This is the fourth Captain Random adventure


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