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Captain Random and the Rainbow Chasers

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Captain Random and the Rainbow Chasers

The Zedron Flux is the most powerful energy source in the known cosmos. In the right hands, it has the power to end all suffering. In the wrong hands, it could bring an end to all things. After a narrow escape from an army of ancient gods, Random, Anji, Jake and Skateboard crash land on the beautiful planet of Spectronia, a paradise of colour and home to a peaceful race ruled by the elegant Solenia and her Valkyries.

Upon recovering they ally themselves with a band of explorers led by Lon, who is hell bent on finding the Flux after it was taken from his grasp by a rival archaeologist. But nothing for the crew of the Venus II is ever simple.

As the quest continues, danger is not far away and, as the Flux gets closer and closer, Random is left with a terrible choice that will have major consequences, not just for him and his friends, but for the entire universe...

This is the third Captain Random adventure


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