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Brooke's Promise

Janice Berliner

How do you put your life back together after learning your past is a lie? Thirty years after fifteen-year-old Julia is misunderstood by her parents and sent to boarding school, her son pushes his wife into a pregnancy she isn’t wholly ready to undertake. When their beautiful baby girl displays a frightening failure to thrive, a series of medical evaluations lead to the diagnosis of a devastating disease that reveals a world of secrets and threatens to unravel their marriage and their families. The tension mounts as two mothers are forced to uncover truths that they don't want to face, and discover a past that will have life-altering consequences for them and everyone they love.

At the same time, Susie and her daughter struggle with their relationship, their past, and the ties that do or don’t bind them. The intertwining of Susie and Julia’s families illuminates more devastating secrets from their past, with ultimate healing. Brooke’s Promise is a bold and hopeful story about changing expectations, forgiveness and reconciliation.

Reminiscent of Still Alice and My Sister’s Keeper, Brooke’s Promise packs a substantial emotional punch and heralds the arrival of a powerful new voice in fiction.


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