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Awake in Cheshire Bay

An emergency landing, a sexy stranger, and a night she’s never going to forget.

Amber has never been lucky in love, that’s why her guard is way up. Her bar and her small-town life are all she needs. That is until a plane must make an emergency landing at the local airport, and a handsome stranger blows into her quiet life.

She pours the mysterious Mr. Welsh a drink, and he wins her over with his charm, and sexy accent. He extends a request for her hand at dinner, and she accepts. What was only supposed to be a warm Cheshire Bay welcome for the unexpected guest turns out to be a star-filled night full of sizzling chemistry neither of them wants to end.

As the sun crests the horizon, reality dawns. Now that she’s had a taste of what a true gentleman is like, she’s terrified of what happens when the sun rises and it’s time for him to leave.


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