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Asian Bride

By Lewis J F CLarke.

A Secret Story of Miscarriages

Like many girls growing up, my Dad was always my hero. He was the person I could always turn to whenever I needed help. That never changed when I became an adult. If anything, I became more in awe of him and thought he could do no wrong.

However after a recent trip to South East Asia, he suddenly announces that he has met the love of his life and she is coming back to England to live with him. That’s fine, but it turns out that his new girlfriend is the same age as me, his only daughter.

There were obvious feelings of disgust which taints my perspective, sure…But it truly amazes me that he sees none of the red flags here. I mean, I can’t be the only one to see how wrong this is surely…?

I still love my Dad, but I’m really struggling to understand why such a smart, amazing man can fall for something so stupid. Also, if that girl thinks for one moment she’s going to start telling me what to do and play stepmum, I’m going to knock her out…


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