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Adam - Fear

As the twelfth member, he must make twelve sacrifices. It is done, and a young Bantu tribesman is welcomed into the mysterious Avunaye.

Fifteen hundred years later, in the city of New York, the ritual has been attempted again. Twelve bodies are discovered hanging from the ceiling of a warehouse belonging to notorious crime boss Vladimir Markovic. Investigating the scene, a team of FBI special agents, as well as several police officers, barely escape with their lives thanks to the help of a mysterious man named Adam.

But when Adam recovers from what should have been mortal wounds, it becomes clear to those investigating that they have no idea what they are dealing with - and it’s not over yet.

This is only the beginning.

Immerse yourself in this spine-chilling, fearful fight for justice, as a group of immortals endeavour to correct humanity’s current trajectory in a world that has lost all sense of compassion.


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