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A Season To Avenge

Jack Wilson is a retired Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department Lieutenant in California with extensive experience as an investigator. He has a perfect life until his best friend’s son is murdered while inadvertently interrupting a home burglary. The police investigate the case, but find no obvious leads and the case subsequently stalls. Jack is compelled to start looking into the case and is immediately warned by the lead homicide investigator stop or face criminal charges. Jack now has to decide if he is willing to forfeit the ethical and legal principles he has followed his entire career and risk the likely consequences.

The search leads him to a career criminal and his protégé who are on a vicious drug fuelled crime spree that is spiralling out of control. Working alone, Jack must not only try to outmanoeuvre the lead detective, whose intuition tells her Jack is running a parallel investigation, but also attempt to catch the killer. Through the use of unfamiliar and unconventional methods, Jack undertakes a relentless journey attempting to find and bring the killer to his own version of justice.


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