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A Roach Called Wensum

by Tom Baird

Through an adventurous story containing beautiful illustrations by artist, Matt Walsh, the book chronicles the adventures of a young fish, Wensum, in search of his family. On the way, he meets many different types of fish, who are befriended, forming their own unique family. Through adversity and a few close encounters, Wensum eventually finds his native family but discovers that, in the process, he has found so much more.

A Roach Called Wensum has been praised for teaching young children (between two to six-year-olds) about the value of friendship, bravery, tolerance, and understanding, and Tom’s second children’s book, Tommy Tench, is due out next year.

A Roach Called Wensum is out now and is available online from Waterstones, WH Smith, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

About the Author

Fishing is a pastime enjoyed by many in our region, with waterways, lakes, and coastlines aplenty from which to cast one’s rod, but one local author has taken his passion a step further and published a children’s picture book in which fish are indeed ‘friends, not food’.

Tom Baird has been a member of Essex Anglers for a number of years, who, with inspiration from the late great John Wilson MBE and his own children, has just published his debut picture book, A Roach Called Wensum.


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