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A Limitless Mindset

by Tom Lawrence

How valuable to your people are you right now?

Do you feel that you are adding value to your people?

Are you willing to challenge yourself, and work on yourself every day to become more valuable?

The mindset of a highly effective leader is to be constantly growing and becoming more and more limitless.

Their thinking is, if I improve myself, I am making myself more valuable to my team. By being more valuable to my team, I am in a great place to help them become more valuable too.

A Limitless Mindset will help you to uncover:

How and why a highly effective leader thinks the way they do, and how you can too.

Nobody in this world is a “natural born leader.” This book will teach you that everybody is born with the potential to become a highly effective leader.

The people who become highly effective leaders, do so because they work on themselves every day, and develop the potential they were born with.

The people who do not want to become leaders do not work on themselves. So, therefore their potential is wasted.

This book will teach that by developing a limitless mindset, you will develop your own potential and help others to develop their potential too. Eventually the people you help will follow you because they want to, not because they have to.

This book will teach you that a curious mindset is the best mindset to have, as opposed to a certain mindset. When you are curious, you are constantly learning. When you are certain, you can’t go anywhere else. Curiosity over certainty, any day of the week.

“Leadership is about others, but it starts with you”.


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