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A Crack in the Rock

Born the daughter of goatherds in the Granite Mountains of Berush, Sashia longs for greater challenge and adventure. Her active mind constantly gets her into trouble. Unable to stand by while others suffer, Sashia intervenes, often with unintended results. When an itinerant healer and his wife discover Sashia and offer her an apprenticeship, she jumps at the chance to sate her curiosity of the natural world and change her future.

Heir to the throne of Berush, Cyrus is strong, decisive, and a born leader. He longs for a wife who will share his vision for the country--a wife of his choosing, not his father's. Sashia catches his eye, but even a handsome prince finds capturing her heart a challenge.

Life is uncertain, and Sashia soon finds she cannot control every outcome. Used to relying on logic and her own resourcefulness, no amount of training can prepare her for the choices that lie ahead. She struggles to shape her own destiny in a patriarchal society where polygamy is legal and women are subject to their fathers or a spouse.

As Berush is threatened by enemies from without and within, Sashia's creativity, stubbornness, and tenacity place her in a perfect position to both save lives and affect the course of the entire country. The consequences of her decisions will reverberate for generations. Slight of frame, but fierce in heart, Sashia will need every ounce of strength she possesses to live her dreams and win a future of love and happiness.


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