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A Coffee for the End of the World

Alice Colombo

Zeno is a man with a complicated life: he was left orphaned as a child and he is adopted by the paternal grandfather, a lonely and absent artist. He grows up isolated, a victim of bullying in a dead-end situation. The end of a love affair and the diagnosis of an incurable disease lead him to quit his precarious employment to move to an island in the Tropics along with his childhood friend. That solitary place, forgotten by the world, is the refuge where he can devote himself to writing, his true passion.

Zeno’s secluded life goes on, always the same, until the moment when his old Philosophy teacher wants to talk to him from the deathbed. That meeting marks the beginning of a journey into the depths of his soul led by ominous prophecies, in which dreams and hallucinations are the backdrops for rituals as ancient as time itself.

Zeno will fight in the effort to remain anchored to his humanity, but his overwhelming desire for knowledge will drag him towards fateful rebirth, to fulfill a destiny that seems to have been written since the dawn of the ages.


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