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The Road to Nowhere

So what's it really like to play in a band? The budding rock star sets off on the road with high hopes of stardom, glamour and riches, but reality soon kicks in. The Road to Nowhere follows the trail of the journeyman musician - free from the chains of any degree of commercial success and able instead to dedicate a life to sending hundreds of unanswered emails in a vain attempt to get a gig at the Dog & Duck for $20 on a Tuesday night. A thread runs through it of the author's own hilarious and (predominantly) disastrous experiences, and dogged refusal to learn from the lessons repeatedly presented.

Be it tales of learning to play, forming a band, the rehearsal room, the recording studio, playing live or doing a photo-shoot, anyone that has played in a band will recognise the places visited within these pages. If you're not into travelling, but you're curious about foreign lands, then this might answer some questions. And those innocent souls that are considering the idea of setting off on their own musical adventure may gain some useful advice - perhaps not enough to save them, but at least they'll know what to pack...


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