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The Karmatic Way Series: Side Effects

Angelica Grayer

Book 1 of the Blurred Vision Trilogy.

Karma is showing her face to let us know that she is just the reflection of the person looking in the mirror and the actions of them as well. While reminding the individual that the consequences of their actions, favor no one and no thing. Including time.

Side Effects shares the story of four women:

Treesy, who wants to be free to live her own life however is torn by the vow that she made to her sister.

Twinkle, a free spirit who feels caged by her sister that was raised to take care of her.

Luci, who yearns for a sister and that desire is used against her by her own mother.

And Tracy, a foster child that turned into an agent after the death of her foster sister, the only true family she's ever known.

These four women will find out how much their present actions are influenced by the past. As actions of love, secrecy, betrayal, and death are brought to the surface, in their present state.

The power to change their future is within their grasp, if they make the right choices with their actions by choosing to live in the now.

But will they, before the Side Effects from the past, make it their last.


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