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The House of the Dark Whale

Dennis Mombauer

At the House of the Dark Whale, we rang the bell before a mahogany door. Concentric circles seized the lone boat itself, and all its convicts in their broken voices seemed to stare at us out of the glass panel.

A chapbook collecting sixteen stories of weird, speculative, experimental, mysterious, uncanny, and fantastic fiction by Dennis Mombauer, including stories that have never been published before and others that have gone out of print.

The good fortune removalist comes to town. Two visits to the Festival of Dissolution. An expedition of field philosophers advances into a fog-shrouded carnival city. The dust bathynaut jumps into a unfathomable rift. A garbage man finds mechanical marvels in the trash. Castaways and refugees wander through endless cities, talking to scarecrows and stuffed wolves. A visitor knocks on the door to inform about the victim of a future storm. Abandoned waterparks expand into worlds of their own, where entire tribes struggle to find a way home. An office clerks enters the labyrinth of the archives. Whyrwol infests a landscape with legless pups and hidden dream-palaces.


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