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The Glorified Sinner

He's spent nearly half of his life in the York police force. However, with his hair greying and the untimely death of his wife, Detective Inspector Alf Greenway is forced into retirement. But what can he do now? Life will no longer be what it has been for twenty years. But when a chance letter to old friend and colleague Malcolm Harrolds alerts Greenway to the prospect of a new quiet life in the country, he can't resist it. St. Albans, home of summer fairs and of cricket on the green, seems like the perfect getaway for a retiring copper. Wherever a copper lays his hat though, he will soon find crime lurking in the shadows. When local, yet mysterious, woman Elizabeth Ebsdale is found dead in her home, it is up to Greenway and Harrolds to find the killer. But with a mounting list of suspects, and a community bound to rumours and chattering, it may prove harder for justice to prevail this time. The past you may forget, but the past never forgets you...


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