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Stones Corner - Turmoil: (Volume 1)

by Jane Buckley

I wrote this novel to remind the world that the precious, brittle peace we have here in Northern Ireland must remain, and we must never return to the dark days of the Troubles. As a result, Turmoil is an intense, gripping thriller with numerous twists, turns and plots but with lessons learnt.

It is the first in the fictional Stones Corner tetralogy, Darkness September 2021, Light (Autumn 2022), and Hope (Winter 2023). It is an honest, unbiased, hard-hitting story. If you love a terrific thriller with individual stories that form a cliffhanging ending, this book is for you!

Turmoil will take you to Derry, 1972, where you'll smell the CS gas, hear the swoosh of petrol bombs and British army Saracens in full throttle charging along the narrow streets. You'll witness the carnage of ordinary people living their daily lives, interned or injured in bomb blasts and feel empathy for the men and women determined to keep their families and friends safe and secure.

Beyond this lies a discriminatory love story, an endeavour by a young, determined Scot to save women's jobs in a local shirt factory. Finally, a naive British soldier is confused about why he is hated and how his sentiment evolves through grief.


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