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Mindfulness for Boys

By JP Peartree.

Mindfulness for Boys by JP Peartree

Mindfulness for Boys is an engaging activity book designed to help children ages 6+ develop mindfulness and emotional intelligence. The activity book includes daily prompts and fun activities that encourage children to reflect on their emotions, thoughts, and experiences, and to learn how to manage stress and anxiety. This book is also a great way for boys to learn about different self-care practices that can help improve their overall well-being, such as yoga, mindful breathing, and gratitude journaling.

In addition to these activities, Mindfulness for Boys also includes an exciting section on DIY projects. Boys can learn new skills and have fun while creating things like birdhouses, plant pots, or even their own dreamcatcher! With this book, boys will have a variety of tools to help them build essential life skills, improve their mental health, and develop emotional resilience. It can be a perfect gift for boys who want to explore their emotions and learn how to manage them in a healthy way.


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