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Matthew Tinkler's Anthology 2023

By Matthew Tinkler.

Sea Change by Nick Bamford, a new gay romance novel

Each story is unique and offers a different perspective on various themes such as love, tragedy, tradition, and imagination. Matthew Tinkler's Anthology 2023 is a perfect read for those who enjoy short stories and want to explore different genres. Containing lessons of morality, honour, courage, duty and courtesy.

Featuring the stories of Samurai, Christmas, Planetary conflict, Tabletop wargaming and tales from fictional warriors.

"The great realisation of any story is that it is not who you are, it’s who you will become."

"I wrote this book for my sons and whoever wishes to read it. Because while being, 'cool reads,' they also contain lessons of morality, honour, courage, duty and courtesy. As the themes suggest most stories are based around fictional warriors and combat. The target audience for this content is for ages thirteen onwards."


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