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Let's Love To Work

Why is it that so many people hate work?

And why don't the systems and processes designed to help them be more motivated and productive work better?

In Let's Love to Work, business psychologist and employee engagement expert Rebecca Longman explains why the traditional approach to motivating people at work is broken: because employees relinquish their agency of how, where, and what they do for work to their employers. Let's Love to Work shows how you can take back that agency and create a career you love.

Based on interviews with a diverse range of people from a range of different careers all of whom love their work, Let's Love to Work reveals that agency looks different for everyone. But what they have in common is that they have each shaped their working lives into ones that fulfill them. They love the majority of their work, and they've found ways to rid themselves of the stuff that doesn't excite them. They are not slaves to their working lives; they thrive on them.

For too long, we've focused on 'employee engagement,' assuming motivation at work is down to an organization's policies, procedures, and managers. But employee engagement is a two-way street, and we can reclaim control of our working lives by becoming agents of our own careers.

Whether you want to learn to love your work or help others do so, Let's Love to Work is a fresh and timely perspective in a world that's fundamentally reassessing the nature and value of work.

Available in eBook and paperback from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.


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