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Into the Well: Warlock Chronicles, Book II

The Well is forbidden space. Dangerous, deadly, unpredictable, unforgiving.

A forgotten planet. Dark secrets buried for millennia in dark magic.

Not for much longer...

Admiral Devon Bastion and the crew of the battlecruiser Maelstrom are determined to get Lady Silver to the ancestral home world of Centralis -- the home world of both the human and the warlock races. The journey won't be easy and the price in human lives could be high but they have no choice. If Bryanna D'Isaac, the only warlock ever known to have a silver aura when using her magic, doesn't seal the breach in the dimensional barrier, all layers of the multiverse -- all dimensional levels, all physical realities, the very fabric of creation itself -- will cease to exist.

To save their universe from a coming Cataclysm, they must go into the Well.

Going into forbidden space is hard enough. Coming out alive is another matter...

INTO the WELL continues the treacherous journey of Bryanna D'Isaac, the warlock known as Lady Silver, and Admiral Devon Bastion deep into the Well in search of the lost home world of their ancestors. Convoluted space-time, dimensional rifts, and festering conflict brought the Cataclysm that took humans and warlocks to the brink of extinction millennia ago.


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